Comrex ACCESS Rack and 2USB Portable Stereo BRIC IP/WiFi/USB Audio Codec

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    Comrex ACCESS Rack and USB2 Portable Stereo BRIC IP/WiFi/USB Audio Codec

                             Both units upgraded to thelatest firmware
This Sale Includes:

1. Comrex ACCESS 2USB Codec

2. Power Supply

3.Rechargeable Battery

4.Brand New Edimax Wifi USB adapter.

5. AC Power Cord

6. Hard Case

7. Comrex Access rack with AC power cord                                                              



The Comrex ACCESS is the first codec to use BRIC (Broadcast Reliable Internet Codec) technology to deliver reliable, wideband audio over IP networks in real time. ACCESS Rack is designed to provide network connections via an Ethernet jack or dial-up phone line. Setup ability, connection management, and status information are provided by the internal web server and accessed via any web browser.

The browser interface displays audio levels, network impairment information and connection status. User control, algorithmic parameters, and reliability options are also provided over this network connection. Stereo or Mono audio connections are made via analog balanced XLRs or AES3 digital connections. An optional compatibility module allows Studio BRIC to interwork with existing Comrex POTS codecs. BRIC technology can also deliver wideband audio over 3G cellular data networks like EV-DO and UMTS, as well as the increasing number of publicly available Wi-fi hotspots. The ACCESS portable (sold separately) provides easy connection to data cards supporting these services. ACCESS Rack can also be adapted to work over these services by using a special external adaptor. 

BRIC or Broadcast Reliable Internet Codec Technology consists of three key elements: 1) BRIC coding algorithms: Designed to provide reliable and stable high-quality audio when transmitting over the most demanding data circuits, these algorithms are very sophisticated in their ability to automatically "correct" themselves to insure their resistance to packet loss. 2) Dynamic Jitter Buffer Protocol: Constantly monitors network conditions and automatically makes adjustments to insure that audio integrity is maintained. It keeps the delay as low as possible while protecting against unwanted audio dropouts. 3) BRIC Traversal Server: Allows for easy connections through complicated firewalls as well as NAT servers and routers.

Comrex ACCESS Rack Features: 
• POTS, Cable and DSL 
• Wireless Network-802.11x (Wi-Fi) 
• 3G Data Networks,1x EV-DO, UMTS 
• High Speed Cellular Data Networks—1xRTT, EDGE 
• Uses Revolutionary BRIC Technology—designed to overcome the innate unreliability of the public Internet 
• MPEG 4 / AAC algorithms