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The NM250 MKII Rackmount Newsroom Mixer is specially designed to provide news rooms and broadcast facilities as well as reomte trucks..

The Dixon NM250 MKII Rackmount Newsroom Mixer is the perfect small mixer designed specifically for newsroom/workstation operations as well as for many broadcast applications, including remote trucks and vans. The NM250 features 2 Mic inputs With On/Off switchs and built-in Phantom Power (48v). Other features include a Mono Line-Input for Telephone Hybrid, an Input/Output for Computer Sound Card, a front panel jack input for unbalanced DAT/cassette recorders, 2 Balanced +4dbm Line Inputs, a built in Mix-Minus Bus for feeding Telephone Hybrid, Built In Talkback System with 2 Sends and Receives, an LED VU Meter Display, a Monitor Select (Mixer Output or Off-Air), built in Cue System With Dimming, a built in Headphone Amp, and Monitor Output Mutes when Mic is on.

Over the past year or so, we've been listening to comments and suggestions from demanding engineers like you. You've made some very good suggestions and we've incorporated them into NM-250 MKII. Improved mixer... same low price! Here's what we've done: We've improved the microphone pre-amps. Each of the first three inputs can be either a microphone or line input with no component changes required. A simple jumper pin selects either a Mic or Line Input. This means Mic processing can easily be used ahead of the mixer. Both an 'On' and 'Off' control have been added for your telephone hybridas well as a 'Start' and 'Stop' control for the computer. And we've added talley LEDs on the talkback switches so you can tell who's calling.