Telos Omnia One Studio Pro. Multiband Audio Processor


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                                  Telos Omnia One Studio Pro. Multiband Audio  Processor

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1.Telos Omnia One  processor
2.AC Power cord

The Omnia.ONE Studio Pro was created for use in studio applications that do not require low-pass (high-cut) filtering or pre-emphasis, do not necessarily require precisely controlled peak output levels but may require minimizing the time delay through the unit (delay throughput). The Omnia.ONE Studio Pro is best suited for audio applications that require processing to control overall levels with minimum delay throughput, minimum processing artifacts, minimum distortion and maximum fidelity. Some examples of such applications would be headphone feeds, pre-delay feeds, TV/video studio/remote preprocessing etc. The Omnia.ONE Studio Pro is ideal wherever full-fidelity multi-band processing is needed along with minimum delay.